• The work was installed at Boomerang's Special Edition on Washington Street in the South End. Here is a photo of the storefront before the piece was installed.
  • This concept sketch, drawn by Fish, was submitted as part of our proposal to the New Center.
  • Fish did most of the material fabrication and the mural. This is a photo of the assembled piece in Fish's studio. Photo: Fish McGill.
  • Here is the completed piece installed in the storefront of Boomerang's Special Edition. The piece was viewable for the duration of Hanukkah 2015.
  • A close-up of Fish's mural.
  • A close-up of the piece.
  • A close-up of one of the screens.
  • People could photograph themselves and post the photos to Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #HueMenorah. These photos were manually added to the database of photos that randomly rotated on the screens.
  • A family stops and takes in the piece.