Jan Kubasiewicz Website Redesign

Jan Kubasiewicz, Professor of Graphic Design, wanted the design of his portfolio website to be expanded and revised with particular attention paid to the typography. The site consists of written texts and artworks, including extremely wide panoramic imagery. The site was originally designed by Matt Kaiser.


The homepage, consisting of an arrangement of artwork and texts.

jan-kuba_0002_homepage with search active and text in the search box

The website can be searched.

jan-kuba_0004_homepage - mouse over project

Hovering over a thumbnail reveals additional information about the artwork, including the title and category.

jan-kuba_0007_project page

Clicking the thumbnail takes the visitor to a page with detailed imagery of the artwork.

jan-kuba_0009_project page with project in lightbox

Clicking the artwork reveals a navigator to more deeply explore the piece.

jan-kuba_0012_project page with video, inline player

The website also accommodates media such as video.

jan-kuba_0014_text page

In addition to video and still imagery, Jan has written a number of articles that have been published in several magazines.

jan-kuba_0017_portfolio (category) page - category selected

Clicking the Portfolio link reveals a listing of categories which, when selected, shows artwork in that category.

jan-kuba_0019_search results page

The search results page.

jan-kuba_0023_about page

The About page.



HueMenorah is an interactive experience that envisions people as its source of light and life. I collaborated with Fish McGill on the concept, and it was featured in an exhibition entitled “8 Nights 8 Windows.” The exhibition was sponsored by the New Center for Arts and Culture.

Fish and I were interviewed in Jewish Boston. Articles about the exhibition and HueMenorah also appeared in Boston Magazine, the Jewish Advocate, WBUR’s the Artery, Metro Boston, the New Boston Post, and other outlets.

Faculty and Staff Directory Wireframes

Faculty and Staff Directory Wireframes

Massachusetts College of Art and Design is redesigning and re-implementing its flagship website, MassArt.edu. One of the components that the college is considering re-implementing is the web-based faculty and staff directory. I authored some wireframes to communicate to our design firm how we want the new directory to function.

Master of Design, Design Innovation

Master of Design, Design Innovation

In the fall of 2015 Massachusetts College of Art and Design launched a new master’s program: Master of Design in Design Innovation. I worked in conjunction with the faculty of the program and the Office of Marketing and Communications to design and fabricate a one-page brochureware site for the new program. Both desktop and mobile versions of the site were created, and they both adhere to the college’s brand standards.

Underscores theme diagrams

Underscores theme diagrams

These diagrams were developed for a class to describe the relationship between the theme files included in the WordPress starter theme underscores by Automattic. While WordPress has a well-documented theme hierarchy, underscores uses its own internal rules to decide which template files get invoked. As of this writing, these rules are not documented.

Gaining Perspective

Gaining Perspective

In the spring of 2015, a committee at MassArt lead by library director Paul Dobbs staged an exhibition, Gaining Perspective: A Visual History of MassArt, to reinvigorate pride in the college and illustrate the contributions of the MassArt community to the advancement of society. I created a one-page website for the exhibition.

Intermediate Web Design (CMP 3011)

Intermediate Web Design (CMP 3011)

In the spring of 2015, I taught Intermediate Web Design (CMP 3011) at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. The semester focuses on building dynamic web applications using both client- and server-side technologies. Here are excerpts of documents from the course, including the overview and syllabus, plus a couple of photos of me teaching the class.