Pleasure Cards

  • My “pleasure” cards are an update of the traditional business card. Typeface: Clarendon.
  • They contain no email address, website URL, or social media handle, just a Google Voice number–the only piece of contact information unlikely to change.

Dear Becky

  • The unbound book block. The individual pages were printed on 8.5”x11” paper and then trimmed.
  • Another shot of the final, bound book in its slipcase.
  • Putting the book block in a vice to keep the pages together in preparation for binding it.
  • A view of the unbound book block from the top.
  • Perfect-binding the book block with PVH glue.
  • Another shot of the final book in its slipcase made of vellum.
  • A page of the book.
  • A top view of the open book.
  • The book laying on its spine.